Some of you may have seen the farewell email that ex-PWC employee Gareth Jenkins sent to some colleagues after getting fired for failing his accountancy exams.  If you haven’t, you can read about it here in the Evening Standard.

We have also pasted the full version here if you’re interested.

He has received a lot of criticism for being immature, naive, etc, etc.  Boring, boring, boring.

Esc reckons hats off to Gareth for reacting with a healthy dose of black humour and cynicism about the corporate machine. Plenty of people fail their accountancy exams and usually not because they are stupid, but often because they can’t bring themselves to learn the mind-numbingly boring information that 3 years of Audit training requires.


There are people out there who find Audit work interesting (we’re not being sarcastic – there genuinely are). Esc says good for them. They’re fortunate enough to have found something they enjoy.

We reckon that this was probably the best thing to have happened to Gareth, and the many people in his situation, because it will prompt him to re-evaluate his choices and work out what it is that he actually wants to be spending his time doing.

If anyone knows Gareth Jenkins please tell us. We would be really keen to interview him for the site!


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