Here at ‘Esc’ we love extreme feats of physical endurance and when coupled with a pretty inspirational ‘escape the city’ type story we’re going to shout about them. So if you’re in need of inspiration of this damp, dull day in London check out James Bowthorpe’s story.

JamesJames, a cabinet maker from Balham, escaped the city earlier this year to embark on a truly inspirational journey. He set out to try and become the fastest man to cycle round the world, a record set by Mark Beaumont a few years ago. In order to do this he would have to average about 120 miles a day for 150 days carrying all his own kit! The great news is that after five and a half months he’s almost back. He is due to arrive in Hyde Park on Saturday and in doing so smash the record by some 3 weeks. Esc salutes James for what is an incredible escape story and in due course we aim to showcase him in more detail once of course his legs have recovered.

In the meantime if you want to find out more check out James’ website


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