One of the main objectives of Esc is to profile city escapees. We want to shout about people who have turned an idea into a plan and a plan into reality.

Once the main site is live we’ll put all these profiles in one place and you’ll be able to search by the jobs that they fled from and by the things that they have gone to.

However, in the meantime, these two stories deserve to be highlighted:

Exhibit A – Recruitment >>> London to Sydney by bicycle

Henry Brydon, and his mate Jamie King, are cycling 15,000 miles from London to Sydney. They are aiming to raise a combined sum of £35,000 for charity.

After leaving university they both worked in recruitment for a few years:

henry_brydon“…having graduated from Newcastle University, I scurried down to London to join the rat race I was hearing an awful lot about. I jumped into the world of recruitment for a couple of years” – Henry

jamieking“Did the devils work for a few years as a recruitment consultant which tainted my soul enough to catapult me to the charity sector” – Jamie

They have both now rightly decided that the time has come for an epic adventure.

They leave from the UK in April 2010. Watch this space for a full Esc interview. In the meantime, please check out their (very cool) site and bounce them some cash if you feel like it.

Exhibit B – Hedge Fund >>> Own clothing company

Benjamin Benton has started his own clothing company aimed at “two principal ideals: to ease colourful garments into the wardrobes of every discerning male and to do so whilst sourcing and manufacturing its wares from within the British Isles”

He started his post-university employment in a hedge fund but has left to start his dream job (working for himself).

In his own words:

“after university I moved down to London (as one does) and got a job in a hedge fund, working like a horse, for great pay, in what I thought was my dream job. Au contraire!  To cut a long story short, I left after 18 months to pursue my dream of launching my own clothing company.”

The new store is being officially launched this weekend. Check out their clothes – very cool. And a great blog too.


Benjamin is also extremely keen to help with Esc – so, fingers crossed, lets hope to see him at an Esc Talk sometime before Christmas, talking us through what it takes to leave the career you started out in to start your own business.

We reckon congratulations are in order to Huxley Clothing!

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