Just a quick note to thank you all for your reaction to our email today. We were pretty nervous about clicking send for the first time. ‘Are we ready?’ ‘Will people get it?’ ‘What if no one responds!?’

We have been completely blown away by the response – thank you for taking the survey (over 100 responses), for forwarding the email (over 1000 views of the website), and for subscribing (again, more than 100 of you).

We launched at midnight on Sept 2nd (only one view on Sept 4th because I’m writing this at 1am!). Given that at least half of the views before Sept 3rd were my Mum I think you have all done pretty damn well…

Daily Page Views:



Even better than the numbers are the ideas that people have been sending us – many from people who we never emailed in the first place (so the forwarding clearly worked)!

We wanted to share a few of the messages we received today, just to give you an idea:

  • We heard from someone who is currently working their notice period in their banking job in London to go and work in microfinance in India (watch this space for live reports on escthecity.com)
  • We heard from the founder of Fund it Frog, a Facebook app which allows you to raise free money for your cause just by doing your normal online shopping – and, having paid his dues to corporate management consulting, he is keen to tell us all about his experiences at one of the first Esc Talks
  • We heard from someone who works for the Rainforest Alliance in Guatemala and who has their own environmental photography website
  • We heard from the girlfriend of someone who left a professional services firm in London and is currently building a hospital in Basra, Iraq
  • We heard from the founder of Green Tomato Cars, the environmentally friendly London taxi firm, who left his corporate law job a few years ago to build his own business (also keen to tell us all about his story at an Esc Talk)

And this is just in the first day…

A big thank you!

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